What is Advance Funeral Planning?

The Benefits of Pre-Arranging Your Funeral

There are both emotional and financial benefits of advance planning your funeral. Financial benefits include:

  • Your family doesn’t have to worry about the expense associated with your funeral.
  • There are Medicaid spend down benefits when final expense funding is placed in an irrevocable trust.
  • The emotional benefits can also make the process well worth your time.
  • You are assured your wishes are clearly known and spelled out.
  • It can help avoid any conflicts with final services following your death.
  • It takes the burden of difficult decisions off of family members following your death.
  • It can prevent “emotional overspending” on funeral expenses.
  • You can make sure your family has the information important to you to include in your obituary.
  • You can decide if there are any particular charities you would like to benefit from any contributions in your name.

Why is Pre-Planning Important?

The importance of pre-planning is rooted in many of the benefits listed above. Perhaps most of all, pre-planning provides peace of mind for both you and those who care about you. It is perhaps the most important, caring gift you can give them.

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